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To play or not to play? What if we lose? What if my kid gets upset? They’re still so young, is it beneficial?

As coaches and parents, we worry. Sometimes, a little too much. Kids will be kids. Can they tell the difference between playing a mini game at training and a “real match” against another team? Probably not. They will be kicking, dancing, rolling around the same. They will be bragging about the goal they scored in the car ride after and they will be crying the same way when they lose.

What’s different is how the adults around them behave and react. Kids want to please their adults. If they see you screaming on the sidelines when they miss a shot on goal, they will recognise the disappointment. If they sense your anxiety, they will feel the pressure. If they hear your complaints, they get frustrated. So let’s just sit back and relax, cheer them on and let them have their moments, good or bad. The Pros far outweigh the Cons when we go into matches with the right mindset.


  • Family bonding – After a match there is plenty to talk about. Let the kid talk mostly, and you listen. Ask questions  like “Did you have fun?” , “Was it tough to run so much?, “What was that move you did when you beat the defender to score?” , ” That pass you made to Rory was incredible, did you guys work on it in training?”. Most importantly, always let them know how much you enjoyed watching them play.
  • Social skills – When kids play matches, they are put in an environment where rules must be adhered to. They need to work with others in their team, and show respect to opponents they are challenging. Matches also give us the opportunity to teach them that cheating, abusive and violent behaviours are wrong. Not by lecturing, but by modelling those behaviours on our own.
  • Healthy competition – Just because we ignore the results of a match does not mean that the match itself is not important. The desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard consistently is a quality we want to encourage, but we must be careful that it does not become an obsession to win. When the whistle blows, regardless of results, we must recognise the efforts of our team and the opponent’s. We have both become stronger because of the practice we put in and the experience we gained.
  • Technical skills – In matches, a player’s dribbling, passing, shooting and defending skills are tested under pressure. It gives them a better idea of how those skills can help them succeed and motivates them to practice during trainings. Coaches can also use matches as feedback to plan their trainings.
  • Tactical understanding – In matches, players get to experiment and make decisions independently. They have to process information about the position of the ball, team-mates and opponents constantly and make quick decisions on where to move, how to dribble, what move to use, who to pass, and when to shoot. A coach’s job is 90% done at practice. At the matches, the less you coach, the more they learn.

So dear parents, if you are still wondering whether to sign up for the league or not, please just take the leap and say yes! We can’t control the outcome of the matches but we can always make the best out of it. And for those of you want to be the perfect football parent, please read the following links. 😉

Sideline guide for parents:

Guide to analysing the game:


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Sign up for Summer Break Programme   Leave a comment

From on 4th July to 5th August, we will be offering 3 times a week sessions that can be signed up separately instead of a full term.

Week 1 –  4, 6 , 8 July (Tues, Thurs & Sat 8.25am – 9.45am)
Week 2 –  11, 13 , 15 July (Tues, Thurs & Sat 8.25am – 9.45am)
Week 3 –  18, 20 , 22 July (Tues, Thurs & Sat 8.25am – 9.45am)
Week 4 –  25, 27 , 29 July (Tues, Thurs & Sat 8.25am – 9.45am)
Week 5 –  1, 3 , 5 August (Tues, Thurs & Sat 8.25am – 9.45am)

Class fees – $30 per session (current players)
– $40 per session or $100 per week (new players – free trial session on 1st July)


Sign up for Under 5s class –

Sign up for Under 8s class –

Sign up for Under 10s class –

Sign up for Under 13s class –

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Football Motivational Patches   Leave a comment

To encourage our players to develop good training and match habits, we will be presenting these badges (iron-on patches) to players at each END OF TERM ceremony.

* Dear parents, please help us to reinforce to your child that these badges will ONLY be given to those who have demonstrated the desired behaviours & actions consistently. They should not be asking the coaches for it.

Badges that can be earned during TRAINING:

  • Positivity – For attending trainings on time regularly, and brightening up everyone’s day with a smile.
  • Attitude – For putting up their best behaviour, staying engaged and being coachable during trainings.
  • Bravery – For having the courage to try and learn new skills, for persevering through difficult sessions and pushing to higher limits.
  • Hustle – For always closing down opponents, challenging for the ball and being the first to the ball during training games.
  • Victory – For overcoming a personal weakness, bad habit and evolving into a better footballer.

Badges that can be earned during MATCHES:

  • Captain – For leadership qualities on and off the field. Bringing the team together, communicating positively & leading by example.
  • Attitude* – For putting up their best behaviour, staying engaged and being coachable during matches.
  • Hustle* – For always closing down opponents, challenging for the ball and being the first to the ball during training games.
  • Teamwork – For putting the team above self, encouraging team-mates and playing well with others.
  • Defender – For the best defenders & goalkeepers who fight to defend our goal.

Badges that can be earned by REPRESENTING Arion in competitions:

  • CFL – For participating in CFL or other ad-hoc competitions
  • U9 – For participating in U9 League competition
  • U11 – For participating in U11 League competition
  • U13 – For participating in U13 League competition

Badges that can be earned by LOYALTY:

  • For all members after 1 term, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years

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Urgent! Carpark at pitch 2 side closed 25 Feb 2017   Leave a comment

Dear parents, 

The parking near Pitch 2 has been closed by SLA for trees checking and trimming. Pls Park at the 2nd storey of Turfcity’s open carpark or opposite at Cherry Ave (bukit timah rd) side. 

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

Warm regards, 

Sheau Shyan 

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Football Fitness for parents   Leave a comment

Never had a chance to learn football when you were younger? No time for your own workout because your time revolves around the kids? Now’s your chance to try it out for yourself. Even if you are a seasoned player, you can still get a good workout while showing off your skills!

Bring your trainers or cleats, and join us for a FREE TRIAL on 4th Feb


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New class timings for Saturdays in 2015   Leave a comment

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our all beloved friends out there!

Arion Football Academy will  introduce new timings to ensure our players have more playing space and quality time with us. Please check it out on our CLASS INFO page and sign up for a FREE TRIAL now.

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New Year Greetings from Arion Football Academy   Leave a comment

Thanks to all the support from parents and kids, Arion Football Academy has had a successful year 2013. With renewed enthusiasm after the holiday break, Arion Football Academy is set to take on new goals and challenges in 2014. Several new groups and class timings have been introduced, and we have started planning for our Summer Camp in June. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our programmes or if you are looking to get involved as a sponsor,  coach or parent volunteer, please feel free to contact us at Wishing everyone a great new year ahead!

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