About Us

Our Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy puts focus on the journey and participation instead of winning, making sure everyone has FUN. We believe in giving every individual the opportunity to train, play and improve themselves.

Mission Statement

To improve each child’s football skills as well as build the foundations for personal and social development. To instill critical values such as teamwork, leadership, confidence and hard work which will develop personal success both on and off the field.


Passion – desire to make a difference and to coach the person as well as the player. Constantly seeking ways to improve.

Integrity – honest, open, ethical and fair.

Success For All – seeing that every player experiences success in our programmes. Ensuring that players of all ability levels have success and continue to improve themselves.

Respect – children, parents, coaches, opposition, referees etc. Accept differences of opinion and open to people with different ideas and views.

In order to provide the most conducive environment for the children to succeed we need the help of coaches, the children and the parents.

We ask all coaches to: –

  • Keep being positive role models and mentors for the children
  • Respect and encourage the children. Create an obstacle free pathway to participation, enabling all children to develop their potential
  • Value and coach the child first and the footballer second. Recognize that the things we teach will be put into practice by 99% of the children in places away from the football field
  • Earn the trust of the children and their parents
  • Keep asking more of the children than they ask of themselves
  • Be clear and consistent in their communication
  • Be the coach they always wished they had

We ask all children to: –

  • Be a teammate who asks what can I give, not what can I get
  • Be grateful for the coaches who ask you to go the extra mile
  • Hold yourself to a higher standard
  • Prepare and compete your very best
  • Realise that you only get out what you put in

When things go wrong, do not blame, but instead ask “what can I learn from this?”

We ask all parents to: –

  • Step back and release their children to let them have their own experience
  • Just be a parent and a fan, and not the coach
  • Let the ride home belong to your children, let them dictate the conversation
  • Allow coaches to hold your children accountable for their actions at practice and games
  • Respect the coaches that have the best interests of your children at heart
  • Help create a ‘safe to fall’ environment
  • Be patient, focus on the process instead of outcomes, and let your children develop at their own pace
  • Enjoy watching your children play

To achieve our objectives, we do our best to follow these rules:

1) One ball to each child
2) Small Coach : Player ratio (1:6 U4, 1:8 U5-U6, 1:10 U7-U8, 1:12 U9-U12)
3) Positive environment for experimenting
4) Modified, small-sided games over drills and queues
5) Encourage parent involvement

Areas of Child Development:

Technical – fundamental skills eg. dribbling, passing, shooting etc.
Tactical – fundamental tactics eg. attacking and defending principles.
Mental – mental strength, strong character, positive attitude etc.
Physical – balance, co-ordination, agility, speed etc.
Fun – enjoyment and social skills.

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Contact Us

We strive to provide the best service to our members. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Email: arionfa@gmail.com
Contact Number: 90836991 (Marcel

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