Beautiful Sunday to end our U6 season with ESPZEN Junior League   Leave a comment


After 14 weeks of matches, our U6 team which was short of a player on match day 1 grew both in numbers and in confidence. They played their hearts out every match and watching them play became the highlights of our week.


Our lethal combination of Ain & James was Top in the U6 league for combined goal efforts!

Under the guidance of our U6 coach, Angeline, the team bonded quickly. The all for themselves mentality disappeared and players learnt when they had to dribble on their own, when to pass to a team-mate and when they had to take shots. We no longer saw “zombies” following the ball around blindly, and we didn’t have to remind them they were going the wrong way anymore. They improved so quickly from “not sure where the ball is” to “building up in triangles”, we wonder if they will soon be playing Tiki Tika football …

A big thank you to all parents and supporters for being wonderful role models on the side-lines. It wasn’t always easy viewing for those with a weak heart, but everyone kept their cool and we couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging environment.

If you are interested to sign up for next year’s league that starts in mid January, please contact Sheau Shyan at


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